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In honor of India’s Independence Day, the Indian Students’ Association gathered outside the student center, hoisted the flag, sang the anthem and shared thoughts fitting the occasion.  Not before some of us raised a spirited “Inqilab!  Zindabad!” and quietly made our way to the room where the Columbus chapter of AID was meeting.  
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Conference, Reflections

AID & Me 2017

This year’s AID & Me asked how the ideas we gain through AID can influence everyday decisions we make.  Can we segregate AID from our lives?  Should we?  Does e-activism make any difference?  Watch the cast toss around these questions and poke good-natured fun at the year in AID.





The importance of being there

“The saddest part about this whole thing,” said Karthik Ranganathan, “was that I was the only outsider there.”  He was talking about an incident in the Ejipura neighborhood, whose residents belonged to the “Economically Weaker Sections” or “EWS.”  In short, it was a slum.  It was a place that hundreds of people called home.  And when their homes were about to be demolished for the sake of a shopping mall, the people cried foul.  Did anyone listen? Continue reading


Health Cell 2016 report

At the 2016 AID conference, volunteers talked about building the capacity of AID to work holistically through issue-based cells.  Volunteers interested in agriculture met during the conference and formed the agri cell.  Volunteers interested in restarting the health cell started meeting on the phone and google hangout in July.  Some highlights of health cell activities in 2016: Continue reading