Navla Varha Dui Hazaar, Amra Gaon Me Amu Sarkar!

This report of the New Year / Year 2000 festivities in the Narmada Valley appeared in India Together in February 2000.

Amra gaon me amu sarkar!
Practising the solutions at the Narmada.
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February 2000: While the media and metropolises frenzied over 2 digits of code or lack thereof, the people of the Narmada Valley, like billions of others who share this humble home on Earth, were ready as always for the challenges of 2000. Volunteers of AID and allied NGOs and movements across India met in the valley to practice the solutions to the problems created by the modes of destructive development dominating the planet today. Ravi Kuchimanchi and Aravinda Pillalamarri spent the New Years at the Narmada valley along with some NBA, NAPM karyakartas, AID volunteers from India and US, Reva Yuvas, Nav Nirman team, village people, Jeevanshala children and friends from various groups and organizations.

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