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“Jeevanyatra: Diary” appeared in AID News, Sept 7, 2001

Jeevanyatra : Diary

Getting out of the bus, the otherwise shy and quiet 13 year old Kalsingh
from village Khedi affected by Mann dam shouted, “sarkar hamse darti hai!
police ko age karti hai!” the sparkle in his eyes reflected his own
surprise at the clarity of his statement ringing out into the air. In the
back of the bus waiting to get out, even I hardly knew that he was not
merely repeating a slogan, but speaking the truth. A force of police equal
to the number of children who had reached Delhi on the jeevanyatra which
left Kasaravad on 16th August, prevented the children from marching through
the streets to reach Mandi House where another group of children was
waiting for them.

– excerpt from my jeevanyatra journal, 24 August 2001 Continue reading


Jeevan Yatra Notes – II

This note appeared in AID News on September 5, 2001.

Jeevan Yatra Notes [Part II]

{Contined from Part I published on 28th August 2001}

Giridhar Pavra, the guruji of Nimgavhan jeevanshala set forth the
comprehensive issues of the Andolan over the past 16 years and the process
of starting the tribal schools a decade ago. He recounted the struggles the
students and teachers faced together to run the schools He also emphasised
that there is certainly no land for rehabilitation and that the schools
will certainly be submerged and the education of the children will suffer
acutely as a result. Continue reading