dismissing dissent

dismissing dissent

19th January 2007


Dear Editor,

Though the Singur issue is burning in all the media, Frontline ( Vol. 24 :: No. 01
January 13 – 26, 2007) 
allowed space for only 18 words of criticism in the “letters” page:

“The article did not cover the farmers’ plight and the human rights violations that took place in Singur.” Yet there is no article in the current issue addressing these aspects either. When so many readers both within West Bengal as well as the rest of the country have written letters with substantial criticism of your coverage, and expressing their views on the issue, disposing off these letters in a paltry 1 inch space is a blatant insult to your readers, as well as to the party whose crimes you seek in vain to hide.

With this, Frontline has lost its reputation as a magazine that prides itself on its discerning readership, and does not hesitate to print critical letters.



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