Letter to Editor

DOW buying space in New York Times online

TO:  Editor, New York Times


Dear Editor,

I am shocked and appalled to see an ad for DOW chemical on your website.  New York Times has reported on their human rights abuses in depth.  Can they buy publicity on your front page while continuing to poison survivors of the world’s worst industrial disaster, refusing to clean up, provide medical treatment or even key information that would have helped in their medical treatment.  That such a criminal corporation could simply buy their way into the prestigious space of the New York Times is outrageous.  It is because humanity is so cheaply traded that corporations get away with murder.  We look to New York Times as a beacon of journalistic responsibility, a reputation you have earned thanks to some of the best journalists in the field, serving the cause of truth and democracy.  A reputation earned by people like Pulitzer Prize-winning Robert McFadden, who reported on the Bhopal Disaster.  I strongly urge that you don’t put this reputation on the line just to make a quick buck.

Aravinda Pillalamarri


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