Calendar results and credits

Incidentally in 2007 we also tried to add up the income from chapter-level calendar campaign. Intern Jen Pepson surveyed chapters and summarized the results. It was back in the old days of musical powerpoint – here is the music:

One feedback from that time was to such an audio-visual interpretation of the calendar’s message ahead of time. So this year we have: ♫ Sharing Food, Sharing Values ♫
Please share :lol: More substantial info on the issues touched on in the calendar is going on to this new (in progress) agri page.Please contribute to that page as well.

Interestingly it was a remark from CEHAT folks back in 1999 that motivated that first 2000 calendar of AID. Abhay Shukla told us that they would rather publish a calendar than a booklet about their work because a booklet would sit on the shelf while a calendar would hang on the wall, which they felt helped communicate their message from time to time and to visitors.

And coming to the present, please also thank these volunteers who contributed to various aspects of calendar work:

Collecting and uploading photos:

* Mona Mandal (Boston)
* Sonika Sethi (MD)
* Ipsita De (MD)
* Uma Asher (Mumbai)
* Ashish Kothari (Pune)
* Rashim S (Houston)
* Lalit (Boise)
* Naga (Durham)
* Supriya (Pitts)
* Soumya (Bangalore)
* Krishna A (San Diego)
* Arun Gopalan (MD)
* Sarah Bolty (SD)
* Nigamanth Sridhar (Cleveland)
* Bharat M (Mumbai)
* Satheesh P (Pastapur)
* Peter Bakos (Walodai)

Note above list does not include all who submitted photos, not all whose photos appear (with credit) in the final publication.

AID Gallery: Anish Muttreja (CA)

Setting up the AID Calendar twiki pages: Rajasekhar J (Boston)

Collecting and verifying chapter contact info

* Pallavi S (Tempe)
* Renuka W (Seattle)
* Swati R (Buffalo)
* Suma Y (Clemson)
* Selva G (Delhi)
* Balaji S (Chennai)

Collecting chapter orders

* Hardik T (Durham)
* Naga C (Durham)
* Suma Y (Clemson)
* Renuka W (Seattle)
* Chakri K (Kansas)

Compiling and editing holiday list

* Pallavi S (Tempe)
* Swati R (Buffalo)
* Uma A (Mumbai)
* Shreyas A (MD)
* Renuka W (Seattle)

Quote Suggestion / Comment /Research

* Bindu Malini (Portland)
* Radhika R (Chennai)
* Rajesh V (Berkeley)
* Anupama P (DC)
* Ramakrishna P (MD)
* Lalitha P (MD)
* Uma A (Mumbai)
* Sonika S (VA)
* Shivkumar Jolad (PSU)
* Bhagavati R (CT)
* Aparna Sindhoor (Boston)
* Dipti Bhatnagar (Berkeley)


* Arun S (PItts)
* Tulika N (MD)
* Srinivas C (Durham)
* Subhrajit B (Philly)
* Suma Y (Clemson)
* Krishna B (Pitts)
* Nigamanth (Cleveland)

Hindi word processing

* Ashok Narayan (Ahmedabad)
* Vinod P (Dallas)


* Kiran V (Hyd)
* Sinadh M (Dallas)
* Somnath M (Boston)
* Uma A (Mumbai)
* Lakshmi G (Baltimore)
* Linn C (Atlanta)
* Jay J (Calif)
* Devi L (Mumbai)
* Sonika S (VA)

Design / Layout : Sonika S (VA) and Vinod P (Dallas)

Equipment / Printing: Sunita M & Shweta (Dallas)

Press Prep: Vinod P (Dallas)

Website: Mona M (Boston)

Local logistics with printer / sorting for chapters:

* Satyam G (Berkeley)
* Aashish S (San Jose)
* Shana O (Berkeley)
* Srividhya V (Berkeley)
* Rajesh V (Berkeley)
* Dishaa Z (Berkeley)

Carrying calendars from California – chapter

* Pragya B (Austin)
* Aquene F (Boston)
* Bridget (Boston)
* Leonid (Boston)
* Tony F (Chicago)
* Daniel Y (NYC)
* Niket / Amit (Princeton)
* Divya (Portland)
* Gaurav (Seattle)
* Sonika (Seattle)
* Subhrajit (Philly)
* Rahul (Baltimore)
* SOnika (MD)
* Subbu L (NYC)

Zonal distribution

* Zed (Columbus)
* Vikas (State College)
* Naga / Rupa (Durham)
* Chakri (Kansas)
* Bhaskar / Anand (Chicago)

Carrying Calendars to India

* Renuka (Seattle)
* Shilpa (Chicago)
* Bhairavi (Virginia)
* Swati R (Buffalo)
* Aparna (Portland)
* Vidya J (HYD)

Distribution in India
* Lalit (Pune)
* Abirami (Chennai)
* Selva (Delhi)
* Vidya (Hyd)


* Aparna C (Portland)
* Kiran V (HYD)
* Venktesh K (Tempe)
* Renuka W (Seattle)
* Hardik T (Durham)

GIft to India

* Selva G
* Swati R
* Dushyant S
* Renuka W

Online Orders

* Rupa M (Durham)

Slot open for: calendars to schools

If we missed anyone, pls forgive and kindly inform. Thanks all.



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