Educational and non profit outreach in US

Educational and non profit outreach in us

Aashish (Bay Area) is taking care of sending calendars to schools in the US. Renuka, Swati and selva are taking care of sending to orgs in india.
We are actually sending to university departments and a few nonprofit organisations working in areas related to sustainable development, india, agriculture and poverty – here is the list of what we have so far – pls suggest additional names. Also if you can suggest high school teachers who would use the calendar for educational purposes we would like to send to them as well.

we have drafted this cover letter to send with it:

Dear ………..

Greetings on behalf of the Association for India’s Development. Please accept our gift of a complimentary 2009 calendar. Thousands of hours of labor of love were put into forging the partnerships with the people at the forefront of social change and sustainable development in India, and developing this publication as a tool to raise awareness on issues of food security, livelihood of farmers, sustainability of farming and vitality of Mother Earth.

As a group of volunteers, we have been alarmed by the agrarian crisis in India. As we studied the issue, we were awakened to the crisis in the United States as well. We see the links between this global crisis and many issues of human development, and through Association for India’s Development, we are joining with grasroots organizations in rural and remote areas in India to address these holistically. In solidarity with people’s movements and non-governmental organizations, AID works to address issues of poverty, injustice, environment, human rights, health, education, livelihoods and all aspects of development.

We have come across your work and would like to stay in contact with you. May we call on you for guidance when we are working on issues related to your areas of research and expertise? We would appreciate it if you could share this calendar with your colleagues or students. And please do let us know if we can ever be of help as you work on issues of rural development, sustainable agricutlure and related issues. We have 35 chapters and several hundred volunteers in the United States, working with over 100 grassroots organizations in India.

With warmest wishes for the new year,


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