Letter to Editor

Bt Brinjal is almost on your table

I have been trying to post a comment on this Indian Express article Bt Brinjal is almost on your table but it is not appearing – maybe there is a time lag.

Thousands of citizens have written to Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss to oppose GM foods in India. He too has stated that he opposes GM foods and will not allow Brinjal or other foods without sufficient research. Who conducts and interprets this research and who decides when it is sufficient? We are learning from studies elsewhere that crops modified with genes of other species pose serious health risks that may appear in 3rd or 4th generations. We cannot put ourselves, our land or our farmers at such risk.

Health Minister had this to say in response to thousands of voices which said “I am no lab rat”to him

“As a minister from PMK and also as the Union minister, I will continue opposing it. As far as the recent controversy is concerned Bt brinjal is being brought into the country without appropriate research on its safety. We should oppose it collectively. The ministry of health and family welfare as a policy will ensure that a holistic research ( on Bt brinjal) is done – including health impacts and farmer issues. We will definitely not allow it into India otherwise.”


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