Foods: nutrition, tradition and the price of memory

Foods: nutrition, tradition and the price of memory

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to be presented in the session : Forgotten Foods – Use of local foods for complementary feeding

I would like to discuss two cases, from Srikakulam and Khammam Districts respectively, of people’s experience with traditional foods, the obstacles people face in “remembering” them, and the impact this has on people’s breastfeeding, health and the social fabric of life.

Nutritional supplementation with local millets.

In rural Srikakulam District, a program of nutritional supplementation with local millets has been in place for 5 years. Run by an NGO, AID-India, the program targets malnourished children below the age of 5, and has successfully brought the children to normal weight as per ICDS weight charts. However obstacles remain in restoring millets as a normal part of the local diet – it is fast becoming or has already become a “forgotten food.” It is not procured by PDS, not served in ICDS, and not supported in agricultural policy in spite of its demonstrated value for individual health, farmer’s livelihood, and land.

At the same time, we observe that communities still practicing traditional diet with not just one but several varieties of local millets as part of their diet, are facing threat of extinction. One example is the Koya adivasis, forced to flee their homes and lands, and now living as Internally Displaced Persons without land.

Update – To Be presented on Dec 8, 2012:

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Greetings from Organising Committee of World Breastfeeding Conference 2012!
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Technical Session – 14 Research papers on various aspects of infant feeding


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Foods: nutrition, tradition and the price of memory

Aravinda Pillalamarri



Desogestrel mini pill: Is this safe in lactating mother-A prospective Study

Dr Dilip Kumar Dutta



Breastfeeding and equality

Nicola Adolphe



Impact of the promotion of breastfeeding support for women in four hospitals in the Pacific island country of Solomon Islands.

James Auto, Divi Ogaoga, Shakila Naidu

Solomon Islands


Microbiological assessment of expressed and stored breast milk of lactating mothers in Abia state, Nigeria

Ukegbu PO Uwaegbute AC, Ijeh, II, Ukegbu AU



FoneAstra: Improving safety and monitoring systems for low-tech human milk banks

Rohit Chaudhri, Lysander Menezes, Anna Coutsoudis, Penny Reimers, Darivanh Vlachos, Maya Newman, Kimberly Amundson, Noah Perin, Kiersten Israel-Ballard


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Co-coordinator, WABA Taskforce on Global Advocacy,
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Two Sens in Kolkata

Two Sens in Kolkata

16th July 2011