6th March 2013

My first job in college was in the University Archives. The piece of paper I remember most was this – not even a full size piece of paper, but a third of a sheet, with this handwritten comment: “Do not think Einstein worth $10,000 per year. Much prefer Schrödinger.”

Good choice, Johns Hopkins. Go with the cat.

It is not easy for me to throw things away but recently when we realized how much space was being occupied by old stuff we undertook a massive cleanup operation. I have unearthed copies of Dishaa dating back to 1993, including the inaugural issue, and also the video tape of the All-Chapters Meeting, which is what we called the AID Conference in 1997. And a talk by P. Sainath, probably in the same year. Not to mention reports, studies, photos and all manner of documents related to projects taken and not taken.

Right now it is all on the terrace, being sorted. Though it is not the rainy season, a bit of rain is not impossible, so we are anxious to complete the sorting process and at least know what to keep. But where? How? The cabinets are already full. Do I dare sort through them? A Herculean task looms before us.

We need an AID Archives.


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