How will the government address the agricultural crisis?

10 TV Special Report: ” Government should help Farmers Families …”

Includes extremely moving interviews with several survivors in families in which farmers have committed suicide.   They explain the extent of their debt, how much they spent on seeds / pesticides,  how much land they had / have lost, what work they are doing now, and how their kids are handling the consequences.
The reporter mentions the GO 421 designed to provide relief to these families, as well as efforts of organizations like:  Raithu Swaraj Vedika, Caring Citizens Collective and AID India.
Also includes comments from Uma garu and Kiran.

Uma garu talks about the efforts of Raithu Swaraj Vedika and appeals to the public to join in seeing that we never forget the farmers and their invaluable role in society.

Kiran explains that:
Women survivors of farmers who have committed suicide in extreme distress, bear a heavy burden of supporting the family.  In 2004, the government promised an ex-gratia for these people through GO 421 .  From then to now, 2500 farmers have been committing suicide every year, but the government is only allotting this ex-gratia to 100-150 people every year.   What will become of the others? They should at least receive humanitarian relief, but if the government is not even able to implement the GO designed for that, then how will the government be able to address the agricultural crisis?

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