Pedaling and Performing and Stuffing our way to Sustainability

As the year of the bicycle draws to a close, thousands of AID volunteers, well-wishers, family and friends-of-friends of AID around the world are preparing to take down the calendar that brought outstanding photographs of bicycles in use in diverse aspects of sustainable development including health, environment, employment, education, civic engagement and girl power.  The hard work, heartfelt aspirations, and simple joy shine through all the months of the year.

Not a month has gone by that Bicycles have not made news – be it the rise of bicycle sharing programs in cities and villages, the struggle for bicycle lanes and rights of cyclists, and the inspiring messages of youth undertaking bicycle tours to raise awareness of green living and green policy.  Even as we fold the 2013 calendar, let us recommit ourselves to the humble bicycle, and the rights and safety of the people who pedal the path of sustainability.
In 2014, our walls will showcase performance from various regions and traditions of India, as well as projects reflecting the depth, diversity, and reach of AID work in sustainable development.  Kavita from Boston has brought together the sounds of Bhil, Baul, Kalbelia, Garo, Muria and other musical and dance traditions featured in the 2014 AID Calendar in this soul-stirring video:  Natya.
Working on the eve of Thanksgiving, AID Berkeley volunteers stuffed envelopes with calendars and the letter to donors to ensure timely year-end mailing before the onset of final exams, papers and winter travel.
Now that I know this, you must be asking, what do I do? 
  • Watch the video
  • Reach out to to your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family to let them know about the work AID is doing in collaboration with grassroots organizations.
  • Ask them to keep the AID 2014 calendar on the wall of their homes and offices, to remember AID all year long.
  • Send a calendar as a new year gift to near and dear.
  • Raise funds for AID!
2014 Natya: Performance, Identity, Expression | video
2013 Bicycle:  Pedaling towards Sustainability | video

2012 Safar: Along Roads Less Travelled | video
2011 Jivika: Living in the Margins
2010 Makan: A Place Called Home | video
2009 Roti: Sharing Food, Sharing Values | video
2008 Kapda: Clothing the Nation
2007 Nurturing Nature
2006 Pattachitra on Rural Living
2005 Looking Forward: A Journey through North East India
2004 Wisdom of Grassroots
2003 Women and Work (Photos of P. Sainath)
2002 Inspiring Changes
2000 Rethinking India (Photos from Narmada Valley)


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