Friday nights with AID Seattle

It was Friday night when we reached Seattle.   Throughout the ride from the airport Ravi and Nirveek had discussed some details of AID financial and legal work, IRS, etc.  Khiyali asked where Nirveek was taking us and was pleased with his response.  (Sahith’s house.)  I let drowsiness overcome me by the end of the drive.  I anticipated having a light meal, sleeping and preparing the Milan dinner the next day.
When we reached Sahith’s house, it was full of volunteers!

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The Cup and The Conference

While some of us were chatting after the panel discussion on women’s empowerment, Kamayani asked me, “Why don’t we have a small group talk with women to tell them about the menstrual cup?  I wouldn’t have known if you had not told me about it.”


I remembered the day in 2005 when Kamayani Swami spoke in College Park about her plans to work in Bihar and the brief moment I caught to tell her about the cup.   I had since written, “Greeting Aunt Flo” but clearly it was time to bring the cup to the notice of a new set of AID women. Continue reading