2014 Report

Association for India’s Development

2014 Report of work: Aravinda Pillalamarri

Below is an update on my work in 2014 in the following areas:  Jivika, Women’s Health, Food Security, Rights-based Learning, Support to AID and AID Chapters, Volunteers, Projects and Publications.

2014 Update

Jivika:  Team in Appalagraharam has trained new tailors and developed products to be marketed locally and beyond through new and existing (informal) channels and is preparing to collaborate with a start-up partner in Bangalore.   (Website under construction.)   The products focus on conserving resources and facilitating eco-friendly practices in daily life, while generating livelihood at the village level.

Women’s Health: Along with groups at the local and policy level, I have been raising awareness about women’s health from a women’s rights perspective, with a focus on food, menstruation, birth, and breastfeeding.  In March, I talked with research students and policy makers at the National Labor Institute on Birth & Food Models that Work, on the following topics:

Women’s Rights Perspective in Health: Birth, Breastfeeding and Food

Women’s Rights Perspective in Health – Dangerous?

Gender Work and Health – Part 1: Birth

Towards a Breastfeeding Model that Works

Food Models that Work


Learning: Support for rights-based approach to right to education, linked to freedom of thought.  Along with a number of concerned groups I am involved in the campaign to save open schools in light of the MHRD’s plan to discontinue the Open Basic Education program of the National Institute for Open Schooling.  This program serves lakhs of students every year, including children who are benefitting from programs run by several AID partners involved in education.

People’s Rights:  Support for groups working to implement land rights in Andhra Pradesh, with Forest Rights implementation committee and 5th schedule committee.

Food Security / Sovereignty:

  • Campaign to raise awareness of ICDS / anganwadi services and to expose violations of food industry.
  • Support for breastfeeding and sustainable food & health habits through community awareness and AskAmma.
  • AID Cares (Consumer Awareness Responsibility and Empowerment).
  • Weekly presence at Organic Farmer’s Market, with Jivika products, Haybox Cooker, etc.

Support to AID Chapters

In 2014 Ravi and I, along with Khiyali attended the AID Conference in Boulder, and visited chapters and spoke at chapter fundraising dinners and public meetings that chapters organized in their respective communities.

AID-San Diego: Fundraising Lunch, Talk at UCSD (AR)
AID-Seattle: Milan (AR)
AID-Cincinnati: Independence Day function and Fundraising Dinner (A)
AID-Columbus: Friends of AID Dinner (A)
AID-Dallas: New Students meeting at UTD (AR)
AID-Boston: Milan (AR)
AID-Iowa: New Students (R)


AID Team Work:  Work on AID Website, AID Calendar, AID Archives, AID Gallery, and support to AID Newsletters – Dishaa and TMIA / KoolAID.

I am also part of teams working on projects, campaigns, internships and fundraising, freedom from harassment and volunteer code of conduct.

Publications (2014)

“Zero is Beautiful: Teaching Mathematics as if People Mattered.” Home Education Magazine

November-December 2014 | Online

“Why we need a gender footprint to curb violence against women.”  The Alternative, June 24, 2014. | Online

“Seven Fallacies about Menstruation and Culture.” The Alternative, April 10, 2014 and Menstrupedia, May 15, 2014  | Online at The Alternative and Menstrupedia.

“Save Open Schooling,” Indian Association of Homeschoolers, March 2014 | Online

2013 Report


I contribute to the following websites and blogs:

AID Website:

The Alternative:

Indian Association of Homeschoolers:

Guide to Healthy Periods:


My AID Blog: mirrored at

Peace, Justice & Sustainability on the Home Front:

Reflections on Education:


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