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Peace Justice and You(th) conference in Austin

Young people have always played a role in AID.  From the time of the Austin conference of 2004, where months-old babies Arjun and Khiyali attended their first conference, and every year since, there have been children of various ages at AID conferences, growing together and looking forward to meeting every year. Continue reading


Narmada Commemorative Calendar Released in Austin

Release of 30 Years of Narmada Calendar

Conference Keynote Speakers Bharat Patel and Ajay Kumar release Narmada Commemorative Calendar in Austin.

Austin, 24 May 2015: Volunteers gathered at the 17th annual conference of the Association for India’s Development took a moment to salute the resistance and resilience of the people in the Narmada Valley over three decades of struggle.   The Intercultural Resource center has published a calendar spanning April 2015-March 2016 titled Narmada: 30 Years of Resilience.  Conference keynote speakers Bharat Patel and Ajay Kumar released the calendars and spoke about the groundbreaking work of the Andolan in defending people’s rights against forced displacement and destructive development policies.

The Narmada calendar will be available at selected AID chapters and at the Green Festival in the Washington DC Convention Center, June 5-7.