Daly, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Stanford

We went to the Bay Area for a week, starting in Daly City which was at least 30 degrees colder than where we came from, namely Dallas.  Not to mention windy!  Hadn’t  prepared for that when Rupal, who received us in San Francisco, suggested visiting the nearby beach in the evening.  We kept ourselves warm with some lively discussion about challenges in India and planning for the Milan fundraiser, but eventually the chilly ocean breeze got the better of us and we went back home.

Over the course of the week we attended the Milan, visited a millet farm in Berkeley, attended the Bay Area CSH, spoke at a public meeting jointly organized by AID and Asha and held at Stanford University, and went to other parts of the Bay Area to visit friends, longtime supporters, and past volunteers of AID.

One such friend, longtime supporter, and past volunteer of AID, Sangeeta Peris, asked for ways people like her could stay connected with the organization even if they could not attend regular CSH meetings.  Others like her also spoke up at the Milan to say how much they valued AID and its courage to face tough issues, including caste, which was the focus of the Independence Day campaign and highlighted in one of the project presentations.

Bay Area Milan kids

Bay Area Milan: Kids got to meet one another in an atmosphere of solidarity and goodwill towards social causes. Several donated generously from their pocket money after hearing about the programs and strategies of AID.

Bay Area Milan volunteers and supporters

Volunteers of AID Bay Area pose after Milan. Volunteers who were very active in previous years got to meet the new folks and lend their support to current efforts.



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