Low-Hanging Fruit

Conference session on Campaigns.

Panelists: Kiran Vissa, Sanjeev Sane, Medha Patkar and S.R. Hiremath.

Moderator: Aravinda

Panelists shared high and low points of their respective struggles and ways to build solidarity.

While many organizations have faced repression for activist work, there are instances when the government acts in the public interest, in response to campaigns by people’s organizations and related movements.  In those cases one has the opportunity to stand with the movements and with those working in the government to respond to people’s concerns.   In business terms, we can call these opportunities “low-hanging fruit” and by availing them, strengthen both ourselves as well as the trees civil society movements] that bear these fruits.

Whenever the government takes a stand by passing a law or a court order in favor of positions that AID stands for, AID can take the opportunity to issue a statement appreciating this move, thereby supporting all who worked for it and also raising greater public awareness of these causes and processes at the ground level.