Tour, Volunteers


In honor of India’s Independence Day, the Indian Students’ Association gathered outside the student center, hoisted the flag, sang the anthem and shared thoughts fitting the occasion.  Not before some of us raised a spirited “Inqilab!  Zindabad!” and quietly made our way to the room where the Columbus chapter of AID was meeting.  
A good mix of students and community members joined. I spoke about our Independence Day campaign for farmers and about some of the livelihood programs of AID.

 Some of the volunteers stayed after and helped show off some of our fair trade products, namely

  • Threads of Freedom” t-shirts displaying a message of anti-discrimination and made by a group of women who have escaped trafficking
  • Handmade bags displaying the message “Nevertheless, She Persisted” and made by Dalit women agricultural workers living in a drought-prone village called Dalitwada in E Palaguttapalle.

On the way back from Columbus, the women working at the Southwest Airlines check-in counter admired my bag.  I promptly took out a bag for each of them.


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