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The Conference is Always with Us

Missing the conference? Or missed the conference? Never fear, dear friends, keeping up the energy of the conference and spreading it to volunteers across chapters and cells, is at your fingertips! Here is a brief recap of a few of the sessions along with ways to get /stay involved.

Peace Justice and You(th) Conference – was a blast.  The puppet shows and power teams are still making us laugh, while the issues of land, water and forest are spurring us to think and act. Who can forget the story of coal?  The international launch of the “Road to Refuge” board game was a hit and the DC Youth Circle is highly energized to work with the feedback. Thanks to all who played the game!  Kids who want to keep in touch via email, please reply and we’ll get you in the loop. See you all again next year!

Why We Volunteer –

Heartfelt thanks to all five teams who worked together to portray the way hope overcomes fear, passion overcomes apathy, solidarity overcomes isolation, confidence that we can make a difference overcomes self-doubt and urgency overcomes inertia.  We plan to make these skits available for volunteers to show in CSH, motivate ourselves and recruit volunteers.

Btw the scenarios we used for the session aren’t fictional!  Chapter treasurers, let this be your year to shine!  Let’s deposit & enter all checks on time!

And we really do need volunteers to coordinate the following projects:

  • Medical doctors learn to work in rural areas – Joint effort of THI, JSS, BHCT et al in Odisha, TN and Rajasthan

  • Women farmers learn to advocate for their rights – MAKAAM / SOPPECOM in Maharashtra

Please reply if you are interested. Please join health and agri cells to learn more.

Join Health Cell call – vote on time

Agri Cell callvote on time

Enviro Cell is meeting tomorrow June 2 at 9 pm EST 

Publications & Media

Four groups practiced and brainstormed on:

  • Elevator Pitch: How to introduce a new person to AID in the time it takes to ride an elevator (or wait for the bus).  Aparna & Naga are holding auditions!

  • Writing: How to write about AID work putting people first, in active voice, subject position and with responsible verbs.  Send your work to Aravinda.

  • Video: How you can make effective videos to raise awareness about AID.  Experienced video producer Vidya  will guide you in selecting scenes and creating a story line.

  • Podcast:  Suren is ready to curate our audio recordings – stories from the field, conversations over conference calls – into effective and broadcast quality podcast which volunteers can consume while cooking, commuting, running … catch them where they are!

We are also working on the 2019 calendar with a theme of Uncultivated Foods.

Join Publications Conference call:  9pm EST Monday June 3

Dial-in: (US) +1 803-574-2383 PIN: 536 107 172#

Jivika – Get yours at  And in Ann Arbor Art Fair July 18-21.

Green Living: To sum it up – it takes a village to go green.  It is not only about using x instead of y but also using less, connecting with neighbors, and solving problems publicly – e.g. demanding clean water on tap so that no one looks askance at tap water, asking municipalities to collect curbside compost, fighting bans against clotheslines or front yard gardens.  And building community that values “buy nothing”, freecycling, and does not contribute to peer pressure for new clothes, toys, gadgets, high-consumption birthdays and other parties.


If only we were neighbors . . . next best thing, Sravanthi has started a support group which has already saved one member from pouring harsh chemicals down the drain (use a “snake” to remove clogged hair, use baking soda and vinegar to clean).  Got a problem you want to solve without consuming or polluting? Send it in!


Would you like to share how you are reducing your footprint and regenerating resources?

Take a picture and add it to our collection of Green Living Practices.

— Aravinda 

[message sent to AID volunteers after 2019 conference/ Edison, NJ]


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