From the Notebooks

[Old Notes] Arthur Cotton

I wonder if all places of natural beauty are mosquito infested — Because although I always thought of living far away from the city I find that mosquitos and snakes keep me on my toes in the villages.

We should fund some research on bad development models.  Like this entire cult of Arthur Cotton.  In Rajahmandry this guy said to me, ఆర్థుర్ కాట్టన్ బొమ్మ ప్రతి ఇంట్లో పెట్టుకొని పూజ చెయ్యాలి.  (We should put a statue of Arthur Cotton in every home and do puja.)

We need to really look into the man’s papers and find out what the guy was up to.  Why he came to India in the first place.  How much money he made for the Empire.  How the land use, water use and cropping patterns changed and what was the cost and benefit of that for the people and environment.  We have to print the images of his paintings where he is depicted in God like pose providing for the huddled masses of brown people.

I don’t know why I just don’t do it myself.  I guess I don’t have faith in my ability to research history — but maybe if I spend some time collecting data I can seek some training in interpretation.


[From Notebook: Natraj Supreme Deluxe. not dated, probably from late 1998]