Resources on AID work in Livelihoods

Resources on AID work in Livelihoods: Agriculture, Land Rights, Labor, NREGA
How has AID worked with and learned from people’s efforts to sustain, restore and generate livelihoods?
Explore these resources to find out.

Livelihoods forum currently covers four overlapping themes: Agriculture, Land, Labor & NREGA.

AID website – Agriculture page stores a wealth of information on AID campaigns, projects and saathis working in agriculture, as well as resources for further reading.

Vigil for farmers
No GM: I Am No Labrat

Projects in Agriculture
Chetana Vikas
AID sustainable farming project with Chetana Vikas
Mozda Water Co-operatives
Surodi Watershed

Resource Persons
Sridhar– Thanal, stopping GM
Revathi:TOFarm, Mahanadhi – organic agriculture: Safety Net for Organic Farmers
Prasanna Health & sustainable agriculture
Reetu Sogani – traditional knowledge and sustainable agriculture

Recent Speakers P. Sainath | recent lecture in Austin video
Sudhir Goel, District Commissioner of Amaravati

Land Rights
Nisarga, working with agricultural workers, has helped many landless families secure government land for which they are legally eligible. AID Supported awareness programs on land rights in Visakha District.Land for Landless in Kondavedhi

AID supports traditional income generation projects assisting small groups in training in new skills, manufacturing & marketing products, and using these goods and services to earn income.

Some successful income generation projects have been:
Jivika: handloom, handspun (khadi) cotton garments and bags made in Srikakalam (AP) and Gajapati (Orissa)
Some Jivika products: kabbadi shirt | nursing kurta | hoodie
[new catalogue under construction]

Himmat:Women survivors of Naroda-Patiya carnage, joined together in 2003 and started training in sewing. Today 18 women manage the production unit, selling in the market and at exhibitions.
Article on Himmat in South Asian

SEWA:World renowned for empowering self-employed women, SEWA, with AID support, set up infrastructure to regulate the flow of raw material and finished handicrafts between the craftswomen and the market. AID also supported SEWA when it exhibited at Smithsonian Festival in Washington, DC(2002).

National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA)
NREGA GoI site:
covers all of rural India, effective April 1, 2008
[announced in 200 districts on Feb 2, 2006, extended to additional 130 districts in 2007]

Projects to assist people in applying for jobs and demanding full and timely wages for work via NREGA:

Nisarga, Chittor
Nisarga, Visakha
SPS NREGA Consortium
AID – NREGA implementation in Visakha District
AID Bangalore Chapter – NREGA Rally at Bangalore
AID Publications – NREGA survey in Mathurapur
AID – NREGA work- Gumma Block, Gajapati Dist., Orissa
The South Asian: NREGA Audit in Orissa Finds Inconsistencies

Reflections on 2 years of NREGA in Economic & Political Weekly, 23 Feb 2008

Letter to Editor

Poverty drives them to the brink

Letter to Editor, The Hindu
re: Poverty drives them to the brink by Manisha Garg, The Hindu March 6 2008.

Poverty forces Syasamma, seven months pregnant, to work with her husband for laying cables for a telecom company near TB Hospital junction in Visakhapatnam even as their two children sleep nearby. Syasamma gets Rs.70 for a day’s work and her husband Rs.80. Photo: K R Deepak, The Hindu

Dear Editor,
Your article on landless migrants struggling in poverty due to failure of NREGA tells another story. The family pictured in your article, small children sleeping by the roadside while both parents work for a combined income of Rs. 150 / day, is building the fortunes of the telecommunications industry. Continue reading