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For a Just Society – Visit to Jagrutha Mahila Sanghatan [photos]

Visit to Jagrutha Mahila Sanghatan
Dalit Women’s Collective

Jagrutha Mahila Sanghatan, a Dalit women’s collective, formed in 1999-2000. AID has supported the group through projects, fair-trade marketing as well as solidarity to the Sanghatan in various phases. Along with AID-Bangalore volunteers Chetana, Karthik, Disha & Tamia, Ravi, Khiyali and I recently visited the women to hear their own reflections on their experiences and successes over the years, fighting oppression based on caste, gender and class, as well as ongoing challenges on all these fronts. Here are some photos from our visit with these grassroots partners. Continue reading

Letter to Editor

Poverty drives them to the brink

Letter to Editor, The Hindu
re: Poverty drives them to the brink by Manisha Garg, The Hindu March 6 2008.

Poverty forces Syasamma, seven months pregnant, to work with her husband for laying cables for a telecom company near TB Hospital junction in Visakhapatnam even as their two children sleep nearby. Syasamma gets Rs.70 for a day’s work and her husband Rs.80. Photo: K R Deepak, The Hindu

Dear Editor,
Your article on landless migrants struggling in poverty due to failure of NREGA tells another story. The family pictured in your article, small children sleeping by the roadside while both parents work for a combined income of Rs. 150 / day, is building the fortunes of the telecommunications industry. Continue reading