Meeting AID Morgantown

Columbus – Morgantown: On the way to the last stop in the journey we had a number of phone calls related to treasury, investments, printing and other matters … In the short walk from the parking garage to the college we oriented ourselves to the meeting at hand.

When we walked into the hall we saw the tables set up with the panel, with seats for 10 people.  Naga said, “What is this … the Republican National Debate or what?”   Of course the only resemblance it bore to that event was the lone woman on the panel, a fact I brought up after answering the question posed to me, which had to do – why was I not surprised – with women’s empowerment. Continue reading


What are they reading?

Well hello hello if it isn’t the August 15 Dishaa!  That’s August 2015 … and it also came out just in time for August 15 events.  We carried them with us to chapters we visited over the past few days and saw that people read them.

Reading Dishaa Morgantown

What did you like reading in the Dishaa? we asked.   A student in Morgantown readily responded, “This newsletter was printed with vegetable oil based inks on 100% recycled paper using wind power.” The “Jai Kisan” article prompted several elderly people to come forward and comment: “these are the techniques our parents used when we were growing up.” Continue reading